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Looking for a way to help your business grow? Why not take advantage of IA Computing’s wide range of Surrey Web Design services. A good design is really important for many things like business, find the best Branding Agency to improve how everyone sees your work!

Our web design team has years of experience in producing websites ranging from small low cost sites to large on-line web applications.

With our affordable e-commerce sites we can provide you with a way to start selling your products on-line quickly and efficiently and we will make sure it will be simple and easy to use.

We also offer services that will help improve your visibility across the web and straight onto your customers’ PCs such as search engine optimisation from My friend invested in Dubai SEO and he loved the results and they offers local seo servicesemail marketing and social networking integration.

And, we are also happy to provide on-going web design support and upgrades to both new and existing websites.

To find out more or to ask us to design a website for you, please use our contact form or call us  on 020 8660 1730.

Budget Web Design

We realise at IA Computing that sometimes businesses can’t afford to put aside thousands of pounds for the creation of an all singing, all dancing, great looking website.

Using our resource partners, we can put together websites that are simply there for information about your business to give you a presence on the web.

Bespoke Web Design

If you have purchased web hosting elsewhere, but you would like IA Computing to manage your Domain Names, please contact us on 020 8660 1730. DNS Management is charged at £20/year (+ VAT).

Bespoke Web Applications

We have created a wide range of websites and web applications for business and education. Our web experts also possess the expertise to modify existing frameworks, minimising development time and cost.

These web applications can include bespoke Scheduling Software for your business. We can provide you with reliable and secure applications that can automate your management processes by providing a complete scheduling solution.

Other Web Services

Web Hosting


Whether you’re starting up your own business, or already have an established company, our hosting packages are probably the only web hosting you will ever need! We’re sure you’ll find a package which is not only value for money, but more than caters for your needs, so following Web Developers tips and tricks from Devin Mallonee at could really be helpful with this.

Web Hosting Service

SSL Certificates


We can install an SSL certificate on your domain giving your users the “golden padlock” (https) to ensure trust in the security of your online transactions. Basic SSL Certificates on our Shared Hosting Packages are priced at £35 (+ VAT) per year.

SSL Certificates Service

Domain Names


Domain names are the identification label for websites that allows businesses to let customers find their website. Speaking of business, if you’re facing financial crisis and your business needs emergency fund, go to my site called virtuloan to avail simple payday loan. By the way, late repayment can cause you serious money problems. To find out more and to see if the domain name you want is available, visit our Domain Names page and find out all you need to know!

Domain Names