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Video Production Services

Quality video content is currently one of the the best ways to advertise to thousands of potential customers whilst simultaneously building brand awareness and social media profile. Our services focus on extracting the essence behind your company, product, or service and turning into top quality video marketing material with which the world will engage. Since sales prospecting is vital for modern sales, marketing, and product startups, read the leadfuze review comparison to catalyzes your relationship building process. There are plenty of video production companies to help you produce the best videos and catch your audiences attention.

Whether you’re looking for a short interview styled promo video, or perhaps a larger scale production with actors and props, we are on standby to answer your questions and help make your ideas come to life.

Take a look at the example of our own YouTube video show reel

YouTube & Video Channel set-up

Looks are important when it comes to channel layouts and branding. We believe that everything your company puts its name to should look as good as it possibly can. The standard package includes:

  • Branding application across the entire channel and all videos
  • New and old videos set up ready to attract the maximum amount of attention and engagement. talk to the branding experts of adinfusion company if you need assistance in video production advertisement.
  • Set up and verify your channel for extra benefits and PPC advertising
  • Basic channel networking

We’ll also provide you with an advisory report giving any details of how to best use your new and old videos for maximum effect.

YouTube & LinkedIn Animation Advertising

YouTube is now the second most used search engine after Google.

YouTube allow companies to independently like Animation Companies in Singapore advertise on the website using ‘TrueView in-stream’ advertising, sometimes getting help from professionals. LinkedIn offer a similar pay per click service which can prove very effective for B2B companies looking to target specific markets and decision makers!

Using this advertising method you will have the opportunity to place your video advert right under the noses of your chosen market and high ranking employees, and there are other marketing strategies you can use like creating websites to market your products, there are web designs companies from sites as that help with this.

Key info on PPC video advertising 

We are able to tailor your campaign with pay per click services by choosing a geographical area, demographic, interest and topic to target where your ads will appear and who they’ll reach.

Your top quality video advertisements with strategic content and brand will attract ‘Clicks’ from potential customers – YouTube and LinkedIn only collect when someone clicks on the advert, making the campaign effectiveness completely trackable.

We’ll provide you with monthly campaign results in a ‘jargon-free’ report highlighting all the key information.


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