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QNAP provides a full range of cutting-edge secure data storage devices together with a wide range of services and features to greatly increase the productivity and options of your business.

Secure Data Storage

Keep your files and data securely stored and you’ll be able to efficiently organise, track and share these files for important projects.

Secure Data Backup

Files and data are of the utmost importance for business operations. Ensure effective business continuity as well as data security & restoration.

Secure Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Losing valuable data is a disaster so it is imperative that every company has a set of plans for data backup and disaster recovery. Ask us about  the QNAP NAS data backup and disaster recovery options.

Remote Backup and Expansion Unit Roaming

QNAP has complete solutions for remote backup and data migration.

QNAP NAS provides not only all-encompassing backup solutions, but also a whole range of methods for fully backing up the contents of the NAS, adding an extra layer of protection for your data in the event of disaster recovery.