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symetricStartup and Small Business IT Services

We know the difficulties of starting a new company, we’ve been there. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to work with and provide IT support for startups and small businesses.

We believe that by getting to know you and your business at the early stages, we can help with any problems you encounter. It also allows us to understand more about your company so we can tailor our products to best suit your requirements as your business grows.

All of  the following come with our customer service commitment and jargon-busting approach, which means we don’t bamboozle you with IT speak.

IT support services

To start with you’ll probably only need us on an ad hoc basis, but we’ve got a range of pricing and contracts that fits all budgets.

IT Support Service

IT Consultancy 

We’ll talk to you about everything IT so we can both get your business up and running smartly and quickly

IT Consultancy Service

Onsite and remote backups

With many years’ experience in IT risk assessment, we’ll make sure your business-critical data is backed up safely and it won’t cost a fortune either.

Business Continuity Service

Email, PC & network security

We’ve got some great products that will ensure a high level of security for your emails, PC (or network) and will also allow you to work remotely

Email Services

Web services 

We can provide everything from basic templates to bespoke designs plus all the other web services you might need, improving your visibility across the Web.

Web Services

We make IT simple to understand and easy to implement, so if you’re thinking of starting up or your business is growing, then we’re here to help.

Call us now on 020 8660 1730 to arrange a FREE consultation meeting.