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Honest IT Consultancy

We’ll make it our business to bring cost-effective and efficient IT systems into your business. If you run a professional web site for your business then you need to make sure that you have the GDPR set up correctly and you can do that by having professional consultants check your GDPR to make sure that it is perfect.

We have developed skills over many years working within the corporate and SME world, plus a solid background in partnering schools – our collective experience spans over 40 years in the IT Support in London, we help provide the best technical support to all the companies we work with, from optimal functioning or their equipment to even protectors for their screens so they can protect their vision, other ways people can do this is with the OutbackVisionProtocol anyone can find online.

We will help you by:

  • Bringing fresh ideas to stale IT
  • Recommending solutions based on your business and budget
  • Ironing out inefficiencies in your IT systems to make your business more productive

Business Relocation

Office moves are a real headache. We can carry out pre-site surveys and installations for hard wiring, server room location, communications, systems upgrades and reconfiguration using your router login to configure the business internet and voice over IP services.

Project Services

If you are looking at new servers, system or cloud migrations, or have serious issues with business critical applications, we can help.  Our project services can cover all this and more. We can either manage the full project from start to finish, or just assist with technical aspects leaving you in control.

If you have an existing IT team but need another pair of skilled hands to assist, it services auckland engineers can fill the gap.

Want to know more?  Call us on 020 8660 1730.

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