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Send great looking emails, manage your subscribers and track your email marketing campaign results all within a simple interface.

We offer a really easy to use email marketing system to help you manage your email contacts and send out newsletters or email marketing campaigns to them. Using our online email marketing software you can send great looking emails, manage your subscribers, track your campaign results, all from your browser, so you can actually profit from this and get the results you want, of course if you’re managing an e-commerce business is also important to check all the points and have the finance cover, for this services of ecommerce accounting online, could really help you keep control of your business.

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no matter the size of your business, if you use email marketing, you’re at risk for certain online security threats. Email has long been known as one of the easiest, most effective forms of communication for businesses, but it’s also susceptible to attacks. You would never leave your physical business unprotected, so it’s important that you take similar precautions for your online business to ensure it’s secure. Here are a few security tips every company should consider when it comes to their emails.

1. Don’t Outsource

Major marketing firms often outsource their email marketing campaigns in order to lighten their load, but that increases the risk of security breaches. Approximately 63 percent of data security breaches are actually the result of bad outsourcing. If you choose to outsource your marketing efforts, make sure you question potential marketing services thoroughly regarding their security measures to ensure they comply with your standards.

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2. Encrypt Emails

In business, you’ll often send emails to customers regarding sensitive order information. Learn to encrypt those emails so that the data is unreadable by anyone other than the intended recipient.

3. Use a VPN

When you send an unsecured email, the data enters the world wide network where it can be privy to the attention of unauthorized parties. You can largely avoid those risks by sending email only over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This vpn from ensures that all data is encrypted. It also offers certain security measures against unauthorized parties. Usually, if you try to access ITV Hub from outside the UK, you’ll see an error. You can watch itv player abroad by connecting to a British VPN server.

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Send Great Looking Emails


  • Easily Build your own email campaigns
  • Custom templates for your business
  • Choose which customers to target

Manage Your Subscribers


  • Easily add your own subscribers
  • Handles unsubscribes & bounced emails
  • Create segments for targeted campaigns

Track Your Campaign Results


  • Great looking charts on your campaign results
  • Individual open and click rate reports
  • Easy integration into Google Analytics


Subscribers Basic Unlimited
0 to 500
Send Limit
501 to 2,500
Send Limit
2,501 to 5,000
Send Limit
5,001 to 10,000
Send Limit

All prices exclude VAT. Email Marketing is subject to automatic renewals and set up costs.

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Web Hosting


Whether you’re starting up your own business, or already have an established company, our hosting packages are probably the only web hosting you will ever need! We’re sure you’ll find a package which is not only value for money, but more than caters for your needs. Click here to learn this reversal pattern

Although if you need a capital to get started and pay for all this hosting and other services, you don’t have to stop the business idea just for that, there are sites where you can get a quick loan for your business. Try to visit this web link.

Web Hosting Service

SSL Certificates


We can install an SSL certificate on your domain giving your users the “golden padlock” (https) to ensure trust in the security of your online transactions. Basic SSL Certificates on our Shared Hosting Packages are priced at £35 (+ VAT) per year.

SSL Certificates Service

Domain Names


Domain names are the identification label for websites that allows businesses to let customers find their website. To find out more and to see if the domain name you want is available, visit our Domain Names page and find out all you need to know!

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